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What do we have ? > Jewelry > Hand & Eye Jewelry

Eye Pendant
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This unique piece is a modern take on the evil eye talismans used to ward off bad luck in many cultures for centuries. The pendant is completely handmade from sterling silver with a black patina border. The pendant measures 1.25" wide by 1" tall. The chain is also sterling silver and comes with a sturdy handmade clasp.


Linked hands bronze necklace
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Hand-casted in bronze; The hands hang on a 16" or 18" sturdy sterling silver chain with a handmade hammered sterling clasp. Each hand measures 1/2" long.


Silver oval hand earrings
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Single eye pendant
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This handmade silver necklace is meant to be a modern take on an ancient tradition of using eyes as a good luck symbol. The pendant slides on the chain to give movement to the piece. The chain and clasp are also sterling silver.


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